Lincoln Cathedral was the tallest building in the world when completed, overtaking the Pyramids. It lost its title when the central spire collapsed in 1549 and the Pyramids reigned supreme once more. Its foundations were laid in 1088 and building continued on it for over 200 years.

Its a must see on any visit to Lincoln and is breathtaking to walk around. The eminent Victorian writer John Ruskin wrote “the cathedral of Lincoln is out and out the most precious piece of architecture in the British Isles and roughly speaking worth any two other cathedrals we have.”

Walk from Lincoln Holiday Let: 13 minutes


Built by William the Conqueror during the 11th century, Lincoln Castle is a magnificent medieval castle that could easily entertain the family for half a day. You can walk the full circumference of the walls getting brilliant views of the Cathedral and rest of the city. Inside the wholesale nhl jerseys China walls is a victorian prison, now a museum, which offers a unique insight into what it might have been like to be a prisoner in the late 1800s.

The Castle is also home to the Magna Carta, one of only four originals written in 1215 which shaped the course of history. The Magna Carta is stored in a subterranean vault (only viewable at certain times of the year) that also features a 210 degree cinema to watch the story of King John and the barons.

See http://www.lincolncastle.com for details of tours and prices.

Walk from Lincoln Holiday Let: 11 minutes


This cobbled street was voted Britain’s Great Street in 2012, a just honour given its character. Lined with independent shops, quaint pubs, tea rooms and restaurants the options for a much needed rest are plentiful. Stretching from the Cathedral Quarter to Lincoln High Street it makes for a great entrance to a district that has all of the typical high street stores if you’re in the need of anything.

On the way down take note of the Jew’s House on the right which is one of the earliest extant town houses in England. Built in the 12th century it is now a good restaurant.

Walk from Lincoln Holiday Let: 12 minutes

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